The no excuse training programme

Clew tries out a 20 minutes training programme from Lifestyle Optimiser: Exercise can be as simple as this 20 minutes programme! Do it at least 3 times per week – and there is no excuse for not doing it!

Happy Yogis!

After a wonderful first ‘Happy Yogis Evening’ (HYE), a new HYE will take place this month in Luxembourg City, at LeneLife @ Le Bec Fin. This will be a great opportunity to socialise with fellow yogis and yoga instructors, find out more about yoga, and indulge in a selection of delicious food.

Run run run

Lux City in orange to the rhythm of running feet – it’s of course the ING Marathon which filled the streets last Saturday. Clew photographers contribute to the photo party: Photos by Anje Kirsch and Unni Holtedahl, 30. May 2015. ©2015 Anje Kirsch and ©2015 Unni Holtedahl

Am I going to have a heart attack doctor??

It is funny, but nobody ever asks me that question. Doctors love to talk about cardiovascular risk (i.e. your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke). Patients often get very upset if their cholesterol is a little bit out of range, or their blood pressure is too high, but patients and doctors are […]

Running on a Saturday night

Last Saturday night’s ING Marathon as seen by the CLEW photographers: Photos by Anje Kirsch and Lisbeth Ganer, 31 May 2014

Shaky legs & a six-pack vision

I think about fitness a lot. Normally it’s while I’m eating ice cream or finishing off a pack of cookies. Normally my thoughts are that I need to eat less ice cream and cookies and workout more.  When a friend invited me to try a boxing class with her, I thought it would be a […]

Coping with winter

Katie Nail on how to get through the short days and grey skies, waiting for spring. Growing up in Florida, I always found “winter” to be an enjoyable time. It was the one time of year that I could wear a jacket and “real” shoes, there was the excitement of Christmas, the sun was always […]

Work out & bring your baby

Katie Nail takes a look at life in Luxembourg – and in general – as a new mum, starting with what to do when your stomach looks like a “slightly deflated balloon”. “Baby weight” wasn’t something I really thought about during my pregnancy. I thought it was the weight you gained when you were pregnant […]

Fitter in 21 days

Common barriers for people who want to start exercising and get in shape are: No time No equipment No knowledge or background in physical  fitness Good news, people: No problem! You actually don’t really need those things to get started. It takes (hardly) no time, equipment or knowledge to get a great workout and get in […]

Bring in nature

Now is the time to get into your Wellingtons and take a walk in the forest. Bring some of the outdoors inside next time you set a table, or simply decorate the house with what you can find; stones, leaves, branches or cones. Nature is out there offering a lot, its up to you to […]