Two sisters & two Steinways

Arzu and Gamze Kirtil │Piano Duos │ Philharmonie Luxembourg If you’re a classical music novice, a concert with a twin-sister piano duo could be a good place to start, and if you’re an experienced listener and concert goer, such a duo could be refreshing. Especially when the repertoire is audience friendly, with pieces by some of […]

Turkish Rhapsody

She looks tiny as she enters the huge café where we have decided to meet for a chat, but as soon as she sits down at the blue table, which happens to match her neat jacket, she takes up more space. A strong and gentle presence in her hazel eyes and frequent, careful smiles. And […]

Calling ESC fans in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a long Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) history, from the very first contest in 1956 up until 1993. Many famous names have performed for Luxembourg; Nana Moskouri, France Gall, Vicky Leandros, Baccara, Lara Fabian and Modern Times among others. Luxembourg has won 5 times, and the perhaps most well known song is Poupée de cire, […]

The S-therapy

Desperate expat wife or not, we can all be hit by the gloom of everyday life, and a few tricks to get us out of it might come in handy. Nothing fancy or extraordinary, we’re talking about simple – possibly banal, but at times highly efficient – everyday forms of therapy. CLEW introduces the S-therapy: […]

Lou. In memoriam.

Rock legend Lou Reed died from liver disease Sunday in New York at the age of 71. Lead singer for the Velvet Underground in the 60s and solo artist since, Lou’s songs highlighted the language and lives of city folk who huddled on the margins of society. In that way, Lou Reed reshaped the musical landscape. […]

The secrets of a pipe organ

Restoring the pipe organ of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, turned out to be quite a time travel.  Öttingen, Bavaria, Germany. January 8, 1930. August Sieber is an organ builder for G. F. Steinmeyer. A huge pipe organ is almost ready to be shipped by railroad to Norway, where it will be the pride of […]

Reggae’s not for runners

Do you walk or run listening to music? Then don’t pick reggae or jazz – at least not if you want to walk or run faster. Instead, try speeding up to music you don’t really like. This may seem like an odd piece of advice, but a survey done by Belgian researchers, published in the scientific […]

Samba Saturday!

 Bateria de Samba – rhythms in the city!       Photos by Unni Holtedahl, June 2013

Richter’s Remix

55 year young barefoot DJ, riding an old Harley. Believes in the power of thought and the power of now. In orbit. No, this is not a hippie with midlife crisis. It is more of a midlife reflection from RTL’s Holger Richter. Holger Richter has been breathing radio – Berlin’s 100, 6 in and 98, […]

The lift-my-spirits playlist

Most of us have experienced how music can turn our mood around in a matter of seconds. Usually we’re talking bad mood and happy music, but equally, most of us will also remember how we as heartbroken teenagers – or thirty-somethings – would dive into sentimental ballads so we could feel even sorrier for ourselves […]