O grand Saint Nicolas

When you’ve lived in Luxembourg a few Decembers, you’ll be very familiar with Saint Nicolas – and even more so your children! Here are a few facts (well…) you might not know about him and about this day: Saint Nicolas is the patron saint not only of children, but of prisoners, lawyers,  physiotherapists and singles! Very interesting […]

Christmas markets – your ultimate family guide

Are you already feeling the magic of Christmas? The freezing air, the foggy nights, the cosy smell  from the fireplaces… Oh, and the beautiful Christmas markets! Germany, France and Austria have been the references in Europe for this tradition for many, many years now. And Luxembourg is the perfect starting point for visiting as many […]

Summer in black & white

Blankenberge in black and white, a photographic look at a summer that’s nearly behind us. On the Belgian coast this summer: Photographer Anje Kirsch. © 2014 Anje Kirsch

Life is a carnival

CLEW photographer Anje Kirsch took her camera next door, to the carnival in Trier. Photos by Anje Kirsch. © 2014 Anje Kirsch

Metz: History, fresh products and comfy food

In less than an hour’s drive from Luxembourg, you can reach a city where the old and the new mix in a smooth way. If you love history, traditional markets, comfy food and special treats, this article is for you. Just make sure you’re not hungry while reading it! Let’s start our journey to this […]

Brussels breeze

Next door capitals in focus – Brussels: Photos by Unni Holtedahl, February 2014. ©2013 Unni Holtedahl

Paris peace

One should go to Paris as often as one can. And one of the best things about living in Luxembourg is the fact that you can go often, it’s just 2 hours away by train. And just a stone’s throw away from Gare de l’Est is the Canal St. Martin, lined with quaint cafés, boutiques […]

Christmas Carousel II

More Christmas greetings from the CLEW photographers Photos by Lisa Fuchs, Lisbeth Ganer and Unni Holtedahl, December 2013. For more Christmas greetings, click here.

Searching for special Christmas markets

There are many articles on the Internet listing beautiful Christmas markets all over Europe. However, it is hard to find the really special ones, with the characteristics that define local treasures. To find them, start by asking your friends for recommendations, and search the web some more. Then go there! These are my recommendations for a […]

A weekend in Paris with kids

Paris with kids. It may seem like a contradiction; can this romantic and trendy city also be a family treat? Yes, it can!  I was kind of reluctant to take the kids to a city like Paris. Knowing that the subway system is not stroller friendly didn’t help. Also, most of the good french restaurants […]