Bangkok: The People

In a photo series,  Clew photographer Lisbeth Ganer takes you to Bangkok. People. Culture. Food. People first:   The people of Bangkok are… …many – around 8.5 million and rapidly growing. By 2030, the population is expected to surpass 10 million and Bangkok will be a megacity. …young – about half of them under 20 …native Thais […]

Eclipse watching

The solar eclipse – through creative glasses and through the lens of Clew photographer Anje Kirsch: Photos by Anje Kirsch, 20 March 2015. © 2015 Anje Kirsch

Luxembourgers abroad: Fausto Gardini

CLEW talks to Luxembourgers abroad. Meet Fausto Gardini, living in Jacksonville, Florida.  1. When did you move away from Luxembourg, whereto and why? I moved from Luxembourg to Paris, France in 1982, after spending 12 years with LUXAIR, to work for an international company delivering communications and computer services to airlines. In 1984, I transferred to Atlanta, […]