Violet edition: I am an expat wife, but does it define me?

Clew’s recent colour musings have been leading up to this magnificent colour: Violet. Violet as in creativity, poetry, flowers, mystery, expectation…and Clew. Violet is Clew’s colour, and it is often regarded as the colour of wisdom and creativity. So our 3rd anniversary edition (already!) will revive some of our old words of wisdom and creativity. This is […]

I am an expat wife, but does it define me?

Expat dictionary, word of the month: Expat wife. A woman who follows her husband abroad, often for his job, while her new job is caretaker and taxi driver. She takes care of the kids, the home / showroom, herself (as in shopping, body treatments and tennis) and the social network (as in voluntary work, lunches […]

Simone Veil

This is a day to talk about strong women. CLEW has picked Simone Veil. When we came to Birkenau, my mother, my sister Milou and I, we were like cattle. They touched us, stared at us and talked about us, and ever since I can’t stand random touching, we were hungry, thirsty, and ever since […]