Having a baby in Luxembourg part 2

So the bump is getting bigger, and you have found yourself a gynaecologist who, hopefully, you are getting along well with (see Having a baby in Luxembourg part 1). Time to start preparing yourself for childbirth. There are plenty of good general books to read, my personal favourite being “The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and […]

Having a baby in Luxembourg, part I

Why does everyone move house when they are pregnant? Uprooting and moving to a new country, away from all your support systems seems like a daft idea yet that seems to be a surprisingly common situation to find yourself in on arriving in Luxembourg; bun in the oven, new country, new languages, new health system […]

Contraception for all?

Contraception is an important aspect of our wellbeing, and we take its availability for granted. Yet the number of unintended pregnancies in the western world might surprise you. She walked in and sat down, barely making eye contact. “I’m pregnant Doctor. I need an abortion, I don’t want this baby, the timing is all wrong”. […]

To screen or not to screen

There is a common assumption that screening for anything is always a good thing. But should we always be screened, or should we perhaps consider the implications before we go ahead ? High-powered executives are encouraged to come for the “ultimate check-up” – MRI scans, ultrasound scans and multiple blood tests including serum rhubarb levels. We […]