Reggae’s not for runners

Do you walk or run listening to music? Then don’t pick reggae or jazz – at least not if you want to walk or run faster. Instead, try speeding up to music you don’t really like. This may seem like an odd piece of advice, but a survey done by Belgian researchers, published in the scientific […]

The lift-my-spirits playlist

Most of us have experienced how music can turn our mood around in a matter of seconds. Usually we’re talking bad mood and happy music, but equally, most of us will also remember how we as heartbroken teenagers – or thirty-somethings – would dive into sentimental ballads so we could feel even sorrier for ourselves […]

Bilingualism sharpens your brain

Tiny Luxembourg can hardly be seen on a world map, yet illustrates perfectly the world today with more people speaking two or more languages than one. Expats arriving in Luxembourg quickly discover how well they can get by in English, French or German, and they marvel at how easily Luxembourgers switch between three or four languages […]

Bilingual babies

Are you worried that your little one has too many languages to cope with? A recent study on bilingualism in babies might reassure you. Many of us have been asked questions about grammatical rules in our own language to which our immediate answer has been: “I don’t really know, it’s just the way it is…”

Light on smart cities

In an urban picture of globalization, movement of people and economic and technological changes, cities have to think smart to keep up. Luxembourg is really smart for its size, and the city of Aalborg, Denmark gives Nordic light a new meaning. A team from universities in Vienna, Delft and Ljubljana compared the competitiveness and sustainable […]

The multitasking myth

Women are better at multitasking than men. Researchers put this popular belief to the test, and the results were surprising. The word multitasking easily conjures up an image of a woman cooking while breastfeeding and sorting out expat bureaucracy on the phone. Or that of a man stopping whatever it is he’s doing because you […]