Run run run

Lux City in orange to the rhythm of running feet – it’s of course the ING Marathon which filled the streets last Saturday. Clew photographers contribute to the photo party: Photos by Anje Kirsch and Unni Holtedahl, 30. May 2015. ©2015 Anje Kirsch and ©2015 Unni Holtedahl

The Optimist Maidens

The name alone is enough to join the Optimist Maidens – who happen to be a cricket club!  Established in Walferdange in 1993, The Optimist Maidens Cricket Club (OMCC) is a women’s cricket club, from age 15 and up. And it’s not just cricket either,it’s also a social thing. The maidens had their pre-season social event […]

Sunday afternoon polo

A polo match in Luxembourg might not draw the biggest crowd, and you might count almost as many overly happy dogs as people, but those who do show up certainly make the most of it; picnicking in the sun, enjoying bubbles from the obligatory crémant stand and popping by the generous Argentinian wine tasting stand for […]

Go Gaelic in Luxembourg!

Gaelic Sports Club Luxembourg is proud to announce that the first round of the Benelux Gaelic Football Tournament will be hosted in Luxembourg, in Junglinster on Saturday, 28 March 2015. The sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling are very popular in Ireland, but these traditional exciting team sports have spread beyond Ireland and are now played […]

I say soccer and you say football

The World Cup is fast upon us, and while I thought I spoke a suitable (albeit “inferior” some might say) form of English, I’ve come to realize that British English and American English veer in incredibly opposite directions when it comes to sports. Thus, following are explanations of common soccer terms to get you ready […]