Silver Cinderella

The Desperate Expat Wife isn’t superfond of Christmas markets. Simply because they can make her – well – slightly desperate. Sure, they’re cute enough – tacky cute at times but still cute – and this part of Europe wouldn’t be the same without them. Oh, and she loves the chocolate covered raspberries. Now she’s actually not particularly desperate at Christmas […]

Sharing enlightens your holiday

Living abroad means that you might spend Christmas far away from family and friends. Even if new countries and new traditions might be very different from what you are used to, it all comes down to sharing with others. The first Christmas we celebrated abroad was in Canada, with an overwhelming amount of colored lights, […]

The meaning of mealtime

Dan Franch on why eating together is about so much more than food. If you have kids, life is busy. If both you and your spouse have jobs, life is busier. If you are a single parent with a job, life is well… busiest. Add to that lengthening commutes, further demands outside the home, plus […]

World Cancer Day

CLEW honours those who are fighting, those who survived, those who didn’t survive, those who fear, those who lost a loved one, those who continuously work to find cures, and those who continuously work for even more awareness. We all have somebody to stand up for.   For more awareness, go to

Happy New Year

While waiting to pay for your groceries, do you ever look at what the person behind you is buying, placing your imagination in between the milk cartons and veggies to get a small glimpse of who that person is and where he or she’s off to later? I just did my last grocery shopping in 2013, getting ready […]

A Cinderella story unlike any other

Just another Tuesday, with snow in the air. But for a young lady named Lisa, this November Tuesday is anything but ordinary. This is the day her wish will come true. Lisa is the fourth wish child of Make-A-Wish ®Luxembourg, an organisation granting the wishes of children with life threatening conditions. Esch-sur-Alzette, 11.00: A stretched […]

Back to school: Elsewhere

A group of ISL students went to Tanzania this summer, among them budding photographer Jenny Ganer (16). She came back not only with new and valuable insight, but also with photos showing how “back to school” isn’t always obvious and how it’s about other things than long lists of school supplies to buy, new outfits […]

Having a baby in Luxembourg part 2

So the bump is getting bigger, and you have found yourself a gynaecologist who, hopefully, you are getting along well with (see Having a baby in Luxembourg part 1). Time to start preparing yourself for childbirth. There are plenty of good general books to read, my personal favourite being “The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and […]

Tea with Rapunzel

Her name is Fabiana. She is seven years old. She has a life threatening disease. She had a dream, and it just came true.

The dressing gown

It’s hard to be far away from people you love, especially when something happens to them. Also when what happens is just life, like parents getting old while you’re away. The autumn of life. This is an autumn story while we wait for summer. We would chance upon them every now and then, leaning unsteadily […]