Scandinavian breeze

How about a light Scandinavian breeze in the summer heat? In general, Scandinavian design is characterised by… … a light and pale palette … use of light coloured wood such as pine, spruce and birch … natural materials such as wool, stone and leather … simple design with clean lines … functional furniture There’s a breeze […]

Picture picture on the wall

A trend that I see more and more often is a picture wall, or a memory wall if you prefer. Instead of hanging up only one item, try to find pieces that look good together and then group them on the wall. They will make a great statement and focal point.

Light up!

Light is essential for all of us, also indoor light. So how do you light up a room? Perhaps you, like many others, buy a lamp because ”it looks nice” or ”it fits perfectly with the rest of my furniture” or simply just because of the price tag? Vetro from Rikke Frost

Sexy anarchists or scheming wannabes?

Non-existent a handful of years ago, the entirely new occupation of “Fashion Blogger” is now the dream job of young women from New York to Shanghai to Lagos and back. For bright young Millennials, the model/actress gig seems so 20th century – let’s not even talk about the “trophy wife” role.  However, that hasn’t made […]

The first selfie

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013 is “selfie”, and selfies are upon us in all their lip- and cleavage glory. But the idea is more than a hundred years old.  The Oxford Dictionaries’ definition of a selfie is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam […]

Where everybody knows your name

Many of us love to meet for a cup of coffee and a chat, or bring our book and enjoy the background buzz of a nice, warm café. We live in a café society. In the brand new book Café Society, sociology professors Tjora and Scambler present research on café culture. They feel the café […]

Cheap, shabby or chic?

We are getting more and more aware of our environment and how to reuse, recycle and upcycle – a great trend! During a London visit, I decided to check out the upcoming and hip district of East London with Brick Lane, Columbia Road and Shoreditch. No better place to find creativity, upcycling and recycling! Fancy […]

Time to rebelle!

The one word you need to retain for Fall/Winter 2013 is “rebel”. Punky, grungy, bike-y, hippie, gypsy… whichever rebel look you prefer most, lean in. Most particularly when it comes to shoes. Clamber down from your vertiginous heels and feel no shame. High heels are officially out! The backlash to stilettos is so violent that […]

Sometimes we just don’t feel like leaving the house. Hopefully, your home is one of your feelgood places, but there are also local online places to go for that feelgood feeling, and some of them can also up the feelgood factor of your home. Head over to for local designs that makes you smile: […]

Tendencies 2013

According to interior gurus and international interior magazines, the biggest trend for 2013 is to follow your heart and mix whatever you want and like. There are simply no rules! However, if you feel like getting some guidelines, there are strong tendencies to be on the lookout for. Geometrics: We saw some elements of geometrics last year, […]