Nordic women go for it in Lux

Discover inspirational female entrepreneurship the Nordic way in Luxembourg. On Sunday March 29, you get the chance to meet Nordic women with Nordic know-how who started their own business in Luxembourg, within a wide range of activities; Art, food, fashion & style, health & beauty, jewellery, design & decoration, baby products and consulting; more than […]

Komm, mir léiere Lëtzebuergesch!

“I just get by so well without it, everybody speaks French, German and/or English, it’s amazing!” “I just can’t face learning yet another language” (often combined with first statement) “There’s no way I’ll need it when I move on” (often combined with first statement) “No time!” “It’s such a funny little language” (“funny” either as in […]

Luxembourg 12 points

CLEW takes a look at Luxembourg in numbers and digs up a few more or less useful numeric facts: 1 – number of reigning Grand Dukes in the world. Reason good enough to keep the monarchy? We are of course talking about His Royal Highness Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume de Luxembourg. 2- hours […]

Lëtz have coffee

There’s nothing like a nice cup of something warm this time of year! It also matters where you have it, not only for the coffee beans or the tea selection, but for the importance of having a café life. Here are some suggestions in Lux. Black Notes Coffeeshop, 42, Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg-Gare. Café des Capucins, 14a, […]

O grand Saint Nicolas

When you’ve lived in Luxembourg a few Decembers, you’ll be very familiar with Saint Nicolas – and even more so your children! Here are a few facts (well…) you might not know about him and about this day: Saint Nicolas is the patron saint not only of children, but of prisoners, lawyers,  physiotherapists and singles! Very interesting […]

Distillery Day

“D’Miselerland brennt!” It is not as dramatic as it may sound, we’re talking about the annual Moselle Distillery Day, when the distilleries along the Moselle will open their doors to the public, offering spirits tastings, local culinary specialties and more. The Moselle Distillery Day is always on the last Sunday in October, presenting the art […]

Running on a Saturday night

Last Saturday night’s ING Marathon as seen by the CLEW photographers: Photos by Anje Kirsch and Lisbeth Ganer, 31 May 2014

Wine, Taste, Enjoy!

The title says it all – once again Luxembourg wine growers invite you into their cellars, on Whitsun weekend. 

The magical number seven: 7 things Lux expats shouldn’t miss

7 things you shouldn’t miss in Luxembourg, brought to CLEW readers by Internations: Expats new to Luxembourg may assume there’s not that much to do when it comes to leisure and recreation. After all, the world’s only Grand Duchy numbers among the tinier countries round the globe, both by size and population. Within the EU, only […]

Spring shots

What a wonderful March we’ve had – picture proof (click on the pictures for slideshow): Photos by Anje Kirsch and Unni Holtedahl. © 2014