The Expat Wife App Selection

(Desperate) expat wives spend their time shopping, having lunch with girlfriends, playing tennis, driving kids around and organising the home. Oh, and they drink wine. And the occasional cocktail. As expat wives also can get lonely, it is important to get out of the house to do all these things instead of doing them at home; electronic device […]

Making a living

Clew revives old posts for its 3rd anniversary this January. This is one of our first camera stories. Clew photographer Lisbeth Ganer tells the story of how some women around the world make a living…           Originally published on Clew in April 2013, revived -as it should be – in January […]

Violet edition: I am an expat wife, but does it define me?

Clew’s recent colour musings have been leading up to this magnificent colour: Violet. Violet as in creativity, poetry, flowers, mystery, expectation…and Clew. Violet is Clew’s colour, and it is often regarded as the colour of wisdom and creativity. So our 3rd anniversary edition (already!) will revive some of our old words of wisdom and creativity. This is […]

The true beauty and power of the women’s movement

Unless you have been wearing blinders and earplugs, you cannot have helped but notice that Sunday was International Women’s Day. It is easy to be cynical about this sort of day, considering it pointless or patronizing. However, it is difficult to argue that a day such as International Women’s Day raises awareness, making all of […]

Women who inspire women

Clew asks women worth noticing in Luxembourg to choose a woman in public life who is an inspiration to them – in their work and in their life. Tara Donnell chooses Stephenie Meyer

DIY: Home spa

We’re not good at putting ourselves first; children, spouse, family, work and friends are often more important. All the more reason to find the time to do some self-pampering in the everyday, if only for a few minutes – and relax! Home spa is one of my favourites – a warm bath, candles, perhaps a glass with something refreshing and […]

Girls in tech!

On March 26th, women, men, and entrepreneurs of all kinds will gather for the first time in Luxembourg to celebrate women and technology.  The employment rate of women has risen significantly in every country. Nevertheless, Luxembourg remains the European country where the difference between men and women in employment is the largest.