How are your stress levels? Often my patients reply that they are fairly high, and in this day and age, life can be pretty full on for many of us at times. But a solution could be close at hand; there is lots of scientific evidence to support a technique called “mindfulness”. It has been shown […]

Richter’s Remix

55 year young barefoot DJ, riding an old Harley. Believes in the power of thought and the power of now. In orbit. No, this is not a hippie with midlife crisis. It is more of a midlife reflection from RTL’s Holger Richter. Holger Richter has been breathing radio – Berlin’s 100, 6 in and 98, […]

Fresh air never hurt anyone

Bambäsch. It’s so obvious, isn’t it? And so close to the city. Pick a trail and make sure you don’t walk too fast, or you’ll miss the colours, the flowers, the woodpecker, the mushrooms… Be aware of people running like mad, they might be the Get Fit group – you may even wish to join […]